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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 18, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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both of them. one writes about kelly's court that police officers have to frequently get out of their vehicles for emergencies and, therefore, cannot wear their seatbelts. hmmmm mm...okay. >>shepard: students in newtown return to class for the first time since the gunman devastated the community as families hold more funerals. a live report coming from newtown in a moment and cops in northern illinois issuing warrants for 20 frat brothers after they say a pledge turned up dead after a booze-fueled hazing ritual. and a new warning on grapefruit with a growing list of medications that will screw everything up. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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on "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city the kids run to class at most schools across newtown, cut, but sandy hook elementary school is an active crime scene and could stay closed for months. the town is coming to grips with the shooting massacre. school buss are back in the streets decorated with green and white ribbons, the sandy hook elementary school colors. today, family and friends attended funerals for two more 60 year olds. many more services are planned for the days ahead as families grieve the losses of 20 kids and six adults who died before the gunman killed himself. it could take longer for the town to return to a normal way of life. folks are doing what they can to help. this 9-1-1 operator in california arranged to buy the morning coffee for folks around newtown. >> i wanted to do more than donate a few dollars. i cannot afford to buy breakfast but i can buy them a cup of
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coffee. >> he posted this online others chipped in with chocolate and other snacks. as for the kids at sandy hook elementary school the district will take classes at an unused school building nearby. and now our coverage from newtown, and because of a threat another school did not open today. rick: unfortunately, since friday's shooting authorities have been forced to deal with a number of bomb threats. they have not panned out but all have to be checked out including one of the schools in newtown today. six of the seven schools were scheduled to re-open on a two hour delay with police officers at all the schools. this morning, before the school was set to re-open that school did not allow the kids in but brought in a bomb squad. an unfortunate develop 349 for the student whose helped to go back to class and return to normalcy at that one school. other kids did return to class
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in newtown, family and friends gathered at the church for to funerals that, sadly, overplanned, as one casket was being carried out mourners were arriving to pay last republics to jennifer rekos. of course, there are several more funerals landed tomorrow and every other day this week. >>shepard: we learned from authorities the shooter was not on medication at the time of the shooting. rick: that is what we hear from the hartford courant who pound no evidence that he was taking any medication whatever for the aspergers, a form of autism, and no evidence he had soon any doctors or seeing a doctor for the condition. investigators are serving warrants to obtain medical records to determine if he was diagnosed. if so, with what.
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was he prescribed medication. if so, what dose. and what role this might have played in the shooting. sources say that adam tried to cover his electronic footprints by smashing the hard drive of the computer he used in one of the bedrooms he used inside his family's sprawling home. that smashed hard drive now being combed by investigators who help to recover some sort of evidence to explain the shooting. >>shepard: thank you, risk. democratic lawmakers and millions of others say the massacre in newtown is proof that our nation needs stricter gun control laws and needs it now. the california senator feinstein is drafting new legislation to bring back the nation-wide ban on assault weapons that expired eight years ago. senator feinstein called president obama% name yesterday in the hopes of starting a discussion on guns and, today, the white house said that president obama does support her efforts. in response so far from many pro gun groups including the
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national rifle association. but fox has learned that can change. james is live in washington, dc. james? >> sources close to the issue say the national rifle association that has been silent since newtown from respect of the mourning will "push back against the vocal gun control lobby." industry sources say the n.r.a. will broaden the discussion to include hollywood and the gaming industry and the group will challenge the effort underway to restore the ban on assault weapons that existed from 1994 to 2004. gun advocates point out the columbine massacre carried out with assault weapons, occurred in the middle of the ban's life span. >> if you look at the data here, we ban this one time in 1994. if you look at the natural insurance institute of justice study on the ban, and the university study from the university of california berkeley, not pro gun right
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thought, there was no impact on lowering homicide right and no impact on lowering mass murders and no impact on the number of bullet as victim was shot with. >>reporter: senator feinstein, a democrat, says the first day of the next congress, january 3, she will inrow dues an updated version of the ban she authored two decades ago. more than 100 kinds of firearms will be outlawed but legally owned ones will be grandfathered in. >> everyone walks around here, too many, worries of their n.r.a. score. they score sotomayor's nomination. they scored whether the attorney general was held in contempt. i have two words for the n.r.a.: score this. >> senator manchin from west virginia said after talking with president obama about gun control today that no one should be "vilified" for speaking with people with whom you may not
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agree. >>shepard: thank you, james. gun store owners say the potential for an assault weapons ban has led many mens to buy more guns after the deadly shooting. one store in san diego reports that last saturday was the busiest day for sales in 20 years. hundreds of people lined up for a weekend gun show in nature and last weekend in southeast wisconsin stores reportedly sold more of the ar-15 assault rifle than any other firearm. the gunman in new stay tuned. tuesdayed a model of this. and republicans and democrats could be getting closer to a point to avoid the fiscal cliff, particularly when it comes to income taxes. with just two weeks to go until the end of the year deadline there is no solid compromise ons is, medicare and of course the national debt limit.
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ed henry is like at the white house more this afternoon. ed, speaker boehner is offering a new plan today. will this jump start the talks? >>reporter: some thought it might but it has done the opposite, slowed the talks down. speaker boehner saying, look, why not just try to do a smaller bit of this and basically just set a new threshhold of $1 million or more for raising taxes, deal with that as sort of a so-called plan (b) because he is frustrated that the broader different deal doesn't seem to be going anywhere. >> it would be better for our country but at this point having a backup plan to make sure that few american taxpayers were affected by this increase as possible, moving down that path is the right course of action for us. >> the problem is, it is not clear that rank and file house republicans in his own caucus support just doing the smaller
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measure so it doesn't appear to have moved the ball forward. >>shepard: it doesn't sound like the white house is on with this? >> no, carney said it is dead on arrival and the big problem in the white house eyes is this would not raise enough revenue if you set the they hold $1 million or more. the president has wanted to set the threshhold of $250,000 or more, and jake carney says the president is moving toward the republicans and they are meet meeting halfway. >> the president has already moved halfway on revenue. more than halfway on spending cuts. that is by definition what compromise is about, meeting you halfway. the president is here. the republicans are here. the president has come halfway. the republicans have come this far. so we are close. >> they say they are close and they have been making baby steps of progress behind-the-scenes but in public we are seeing no sign they have moved that much
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closer together to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>shepard: thank you, ed. >> a real sigh of relief across america today, as the very high profile american journalist for nbc news and his crew were found safe after they had been in captivity for five days. it is not taxpayer they were released in syria, but they escaped after a firefight. we will hear from richard engel about the psychological torture he encured at the hands of the syrian regime. you take the picture. you ed it the picture. you post the picture online and now facebook's new acquisition will sell that picture without paying you or even telling you.
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>> a kidnapping, and days of psychological torture, a firefight between firefights and pro government thugs that is what a veteran journalists survived in war torn syria the man in question is the nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent, richard engel who once worked here. he and his team were traveling with a group of rebels near the border with turkey and iranian-trained gunman loyal to bashar al-assad ambushed them, executed at least one of the
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rebels, and took them into captivity. >> they kept us blindfolded, bound, we we were not physically beaten, but psychological torture, threats of being killed, saying we would have to choose who would be shot first. >>shepard: as they were blindfolded they wondered what was going on. richard engel says the gunman moved them to a safe house and there was a firefight and engel and the crew escaped. richard and his colleagues are now safe and in turkey. the fox report chief correspondent with the news. they institute add blackout of this news over at nbc because they. whatted it try to get them out alive something we have done with correspondent whose met with similar fates to this network. thank god richard engel and the crew get out. >>jonathan: we observed that blackout at nbc request but a terrifying request for him and his colleagues.
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imagine this: 15 gunmen all wearing ski masked ambushed them and moved them constantly blind folded and hooded from safe house to safe house. they never knew where they were and then the mock executions. imagine the terror of that. you are hooded. they ask which you is going do die. first you refuse to give an answer. and you simply hear a rifle being fired. not surprisingly, engel and the others all say they simply want to put the experience behind them. >> the last five days were very difficult. we very happy to be out. we are very happy to be back in turkey. we love being here. we love this country. we appreciate all the help. the last five days are days we would rather forget. >>jonathan: as we know from talking to other whose have been through similar spents, forgetting is a very difficult thing to do. >>shepard: he has been an outstanding count, and a great
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guy, too. >> another journalist is still missing. >>jonathan: richard engel is well-known and appears on nbc nightly news all the time, but there is another american journalist, a freelancer, a writer from the "washington post" who has contributed, and he is a former main. you may not heard of 31 has not been heard from, since august 13. believed held in syria. no one knows by whom. it is most likely government forces but they do not know. his parents are desperately trying to get news of hum. just another demonstration of how dangerous syria is. we have had colleagues that have been killed this. syrian civilians, of course, continue to die every day this. >>shepard: more than 40,000. thank you.
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syria's long time ally, russia, is sending warships to syria to prepare for the possibility of the evacuation of their citizens. the report from russian state media is another potential sign that now is losing faith in the syrian regime. last week a top russian diplomat admitted bashar al-assad could lose the civil war. we have the former defense secretary under bill clinton, william cohen, the chairman and chief executive officer of the cohen group. nice to see you, sir. this was a time when there were rules of warfare, there was a front line, there were rules about what happens to those who gather and give out information but there are no rules now. >>guest: no, we have no rules. we have enemies that are tough to identify. they can be with you during the day as friendly as we have seen in afghanistan and then be enemies at night. it is a different world we are
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living and syria is a classic example of this type of war underway. >>jonathan: the chemical weapons are a major concern for u.s. officials and the state department spokeswoman said that, saying they could fall in the hands of the rebels and they could use them. what do we do about the chemical weapons? >>guest: i am sure that the pentagon is now reviewing all of the contingency operations on the board, so to speak. this is one of the real dangers we have. if the rebels take over, then what? who are among the rebels? al qaeda elements in there? securing those places will be very important. it will take a lot of intelligence analysis. we will have to share that information certainly with the israels, the russians will be very much concerned about it. all countries should be concerned about should the chemical or biological agents end up in the hands of terrorist
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groups. we are ought at risk. >>jonathan: for skeptical americans, how do we trust what we are told by our own officials? >>guest: well, the bar of skepticism is pretty high for most members. i can tell you, way back in the 80's when i served on the intelligence committee in the senate, i saw evidence we of what the syrians were doing with their nerve agents and chemical weapons. it is pretty dealer they do have them. it was also clear that iraq, in fact, had them. and saddam had used them. so we know they been this the possession of saddam hussein at one point. we believe that the chemical weapons are still in the position of the syrian government. that is a real danger we have to focus on, how do we secure them? we, working with other nations and the international community, if at all possible, to make sure that either the nuclear weapons
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or the chemical and biological weapons don't fall in the wrong hands. >>jonathan: mr. secretary, thank you. >>shepard: the prosecution is casting a wide net in a fraternity hazing death. police say they have told 22 people who knew this young man, turn yourselves in or we are coming for you. the charges and what could happen to the suspects next. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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>> a freshman fraternity pledge died after an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual. now necessity have issued arrest warrants for 20 frat members. it happened in northern illinois university at the fraternity. one night last month, the 19-year-old freshmen went from
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room to room answering questions, and in exchange for right answers he got vodka and other liquor. the next morning he was dead. the blood alcohol level content was five times the legal limit for driving. a lawyer for the family says that the student did not have a choice. >> he wanted to be liked. he wanted to be accepted. the terms of the great certainty were he had to go through this. >> the family are not out for revenge, but that such dangerous rituals have to stop. the fraternity's international vice president says it has suspended the chapter at northern illinois university and is working with police to go after anyone who broke the law. this is but the latest death in the result of a hazing incident. police in florida say a drum major died on a school bus last year after classmates purged and kicked him during a ritual. the list is long. we could go on the whole hour. we have former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney who has been following this story.
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what do we know about this? i understand this is a ritual that had been employed for many years there. is that right? or is that speculation? she cannot hear me. we know this has been going on there for man years according to local reporting. we are working to identify who might have been involved with this. find out how long the incidents have been taking place and how many other victims of this there could have been. they are only looking for those who might have broken the law and they told all the students on the campus who were involved to come forward or we coming after you. that is northern illinois university. we will have updates tonight on fox report. >> big news for millions who use the photo sharing service instagram. the company is giving itself the right to share your pictures without asking you.
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the company is giving itself the right to sell your pictures whether the company asks you or not. how much do you think they will pay you? that is ahead. >> and video of the moment of a landslide and a mudslide that slammed right into a freight train. [ sarah ] i thought, the red cross does katrina.
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they don't help single moms. hi! hi! [ sarah ] what happened to our house last year? [ daughters ] it flooded and the water flooded out. yeah. [ sarah ] the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and take care of them. you know? i feel like we've come full circle. [ daughter 1 ] like that! [ daughter 2 ] this is how i'll do it. [ sarah ] there you go.
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>>shepard: we reports on a hazing incident that resulted in the death of a freshman student and try to make contact with a defense attorney but she has been following the case closely and been able to work the audio glitches out. it is my understanding this has been going on at least according to local reports, there, this is not new. >>guest: this is not new. there was a reported case of a death back in the 1990's and to the she that the family is having is the universities know about hazing and they have not done anything. what is interesting is the new
3:30 pm
law on hazing doesn't require any criminal activity and it is punishable up to felony level. >>shepard: i remember a lot hazing when i was a student but that doesn't happen anymore according to my friends' kid but at northern illinois it has continued is the accusation. well i guess we cannot talk to kelly today. they are investigating and we will have it tonight on fox report. >> big privacy changes to the photo sharing service called instagram. the new policy lets them sell the photos they post without telling you. if you use them and don't like it, they don't care. facebook purchased this and they are allowed to share and edit photographs online. the new policy reads you agree that a business or otherwise
3:31 pm
entity may pay us to display your user name likeness photos with associated data and actions you take to connection with paid or sponsors content or promotion without compensation to you. in other words, if a use are takes a picture of a ford mustang, they can in theory at least sell that photo to ford and allow them to use it as an ad for the mustang and not give you anything in the way of compensation. ata lot users are reporting outrage call this a suicide note. instagram you just killed yourself. we reached out for facebook and they have not reasonablied. trace is in the west coast newsroom this is about generating more advertising. >>trace: it would allow facebook to access instagram's advertising network, so what happens is if you are advertising on facebook you have access to anything i post on instagram. you mentioned the ford mustang
3:32 pm
and if i took a picture of that you can use that mustang to advertise and i will give you one better. if i am in a resort with my family, i take a whole picture of the resort and the family and they could sell that picture, family and all, to the resort. legal experts say they may run into a few privacy laws. >> you may have rights as a model depending on your state but this can vary from state to state and in some states you would still have the right to sue instagram and claim your likeness belongs to you as a model in that picture for purposes of commercial sale although the photograph may not. >>trace: as a rule you have to be 13 years old to sign up for instagram but the way this new agreement works you can be any age and instagram has the right to use your picture. >>shepard: can you opt out? >>trace: you can't. you have to delete your account.
3:33 pm
the program says that once you log on to instagram that is the how it ends up, you are theirs and you have agreed to the terms. instagram says the changes are mainly to help combat spam but a lost users we spoke with are very skeptical. >> i might hesitate. i am not sure how much i will go to not posting. >> it is getting very scary what people are doing with personal pictures. it makes me think twice about taking pictures and posting them. >>trace: instagram and facebook did not cause you will but they both commented this will be great for you. >>shepard: you are going to love it. drink more. trace, thank you. and our science and technology editor has more, and the word is
3:34 pm
"transfersable," which is the word of interest. >>guest: exactly. it makes sense they would want a license to your content which is something that was already in their agreement. the change ads that were "transfersable" who will they transfers rights to our pictures to? that is why people have freaked out. if they transfer the picture you took of the husband thank to ford and getting back $5 that is upsetting for the person that took the picture. if i took it, it would be a external photo but professional photographer whose use it and rely on it or upset. >>shepard: a lot of professionals who, say, you go to a wedding and you take 300 or 400 pictures and rather than printing them and giving them to people or showing them you put them on instagram and they can say, yes, we want this or that, and they can be charged for the ones they get. >>guest: this is one potential of a loosely written agreement.
3:35 pm
>>shepard: they could have said, well, this was not our intent. we will get this fixed and call you right back. >>guest: i am with you. it is weird. why aren't they just saying anything? >>shepard: they have said a little bit. >>guest: spam is the problem on instagram? i don't think so. they are trying to sell ads and to do that by putting up my picture, that is the price of a free service but if they license my photos that is a problem. they need to say, nos we thought doing that and they have not said that. >>shepard: it is funny all of the privacy things base what you have done you have trusted your property to another entity to allow your friends or whatever to look at them and you thought maybe that entity you transferred your property wasn't ever going to get you. dad used to say if it sounds too good to be tree, it probably is.
3:36 pm
this stuff is free. >>guest: trace talked to people on street saying they will think twice about what they are doing. please, do, you are giving away your con didn't and complaining when they use it. >>shepard: and everyone is not fully collected which creates a new problem. >>guest: that is partly their own fault. >>shepard: it is fully their own fault. how many hundreds are thousands of pictures of people, who do not have their clothes on. >>guest: where do those pictures go? we have to see what these people do with this. thank you. new video in fox news showing a mudslide pushing a moving train off the track of the look at this. look at this.
3:37 pm
just incredible, happening outside seattle. an official for the train said seven cars were derailed, some carrying fertilizer and cleaning agents. you wonder why whoever took the camera did not stop the mud but that is another matter. forecasters say snow fall in the southwest will turn into a blizzard tomorrow as iterateses toward the midwest in time for santa. janice dean, it looks like some could have a very white christmas. >>guest: that is the good part but we have to get through severe weather and blizzard if wednesday into thursday. so, the radar shows a system exiting the northeast, well ahead of the system across the southwest, some snow over the western great lakes and upper midwest but this is the main event across the southwest and it will bring 10" to 20" of snow if the mountains of colorado through wyoming and winter storm
3:38 pm
advisories stretching from the southwest all the way up to the upper midwest and the great lakes and we have blizzard wants and warnings for parts of colorado, kansas and nebraska with heavy snow, as well, on top of winds gusting to 50 miles per hour. where is the storm going? wednesday into thursday we have 6" to 12" in the midwest of snow and then severe weather in the mississippi river valley push into the eastern third of the country by thursday into friday and it will be too warm for snow across were of the big cities but look at the snow as we head toward the upper midwest headed into friday, yes, certainly 6" to 12" and 18" possibly in milwaukee area. good news for kids and snow and santa but bad news if you are traveling.
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>>shepard: the latest open egypt's political crisis is next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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two minutes twice a day. they have the time. >>shepard: protests in egypt demonstrating against president morsi after the first round of voting on a draft constitution. the media reports that over the weekend 57 percent of people voted in favor of the draft which the opposition claims is too islamist and limits women's right of free speech. officials are investigating accusations of wide-spread voter irregularity. leland, what kind of irregularities? >>reporter: everything if stuffing the ballot box to showing up at polling stations in chaos but we have heard the accusations after every single egyptian election. complicating thing is the attorney general resigned making it difficult for anyone to figure out who would investigate
3:43 pm
or prosecute the crime. we are will seeing the same kind of things that are coming out of this election which is people not happy with the results. so far, in half of the country, 57 percent voted in favor of the islamist constitution which is very strongly worded in terms of pro islamist government, and the president of egypt was in favor and the liberals have come out strongly against this constitution, coming up a second round voting on saturday when the rest of the country votes. however, the rest of the country is largely in the rural part of the country because the muslim brotherhood would be a stronger showing coming up on saturday. >>shepard: and what happened with the protests since the vote? >>reporter: when veto a an election people do not like the results they take to the streets much it is violent with tamps surround -- thanks surrounding
3:44 pm
the palace chanting "down with brotherhood rule." the people out protesting are the ones who originally started the revolution, the liberals who kicked president mubarak out of office and now they is last every election so far and are not organized and are back out in the street. so far, though, president morsi has ahead elections have consequences and we won, and so far we are leading in the referendum so we will continue going down the path of leading egypt toward a very strong line, hard-line islamist state. >>shepard: the instability in the middle east can certainly stoke new fears of terrorism here on our shores and a federal law enforcement training center the feds have been teaching law enforcement regarding cyber attacks and weapons of mass destruction. steve, what kind of tactics do they employ here? >>reporter: one tactic is a
3:45 pm
difficult maneuver called pit training, during high speed chase with cars and other people. but this, like 7 of the training we are seeing, is deliberately a high stress situation putting the federal responders in the tough situations, really, to get them ready for what could be the real thing. >>shepard: that is pretty cool. do they time that for the camera s? we have watched that sort of thing happen before. they have been training all day on this stuff? >>guest: they have been, about 60,000 agents come in here through the course of a year. we are seeing sarin gas attacks simulated, with lie speed chases, and it has been described as disney world if cops here and for federal agents. they enenjoying the word. >>shepard: they are lending how to anticipate what could happen next with someone who is
3:46 pm
irrationale? >>guest: one of the concerns i saw here, was i.e.d. training, as we have seen in afghanistan and iraq. the reason for the training could be for federal agents who do work overseas. part of it, also, is anticipation and trying to imagine potential attacks here in the united states and to prepare if them before they have it. >>shepard: thank you, steve. the justice department will not file stalking charges against the mistress of the former cia chief david petraeus according to the mistress' attorney. general petraeus last month resigned in disgrace after admitting he had an affair. the whole thing came to light after another woman went to the f.b.i. and claimed the mistress had threatened her over e-mail. the feds investigated broadwell for cyber stalking and the department of justice has declined to comment. >> we have long known that some
3:47 pm
drugs can have life threatening side effects if you take them with grapefruit, right? there were some drugs they da not interact well. now, researchers say the list is much longer and there are many more medicines that do not need to get along with grapefruit. we breakdown the list in a moment. more on how parents are newtown, connecticut, are moving forward with two moms from sandy hook elementary school.
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3:50 pm
>>shepard: legislation in michigan would allow with extra training, people to carry concealed firearms in churches, day cares, and schools. concealed firearms. in schools.
3:51 pm
the michigan governor snyder has vetoed that legislation. that will not go into law in the state of michigan. >> more now on the efforts to return to normal in newtown, connecticut, after the school shooting. we hear from the mothers of two sandy hook elementary school students, one survived the attack and the other did not go to that school on friday. and molly line says the moms are ready to get their kids back-to-school. >> exactly. they also have students that go to the other newtown schools that went to class today saying it was good to get the kids folk and both support the move to go to the new school in monroe for all the sandy hook elementary school. the third grader survived the massacre the he was at school and by the end of the week they can look at the new school in monroe. and karen's son was kept home from school on friday, he does not know he has lost friends
3:52 pm
only a bad man came to the school and he is one of many kindergarteners gathering to be together to do crafts and to have holiday fun before the season gets going, and to create a sense of normalcy. >> they are babies. the teachers...they are hurting, as we are. we know it will be helpful to get everyone together. (inaudible). >> they should go back to be with their friends and their classroom, back to normal, and to heal together and to communicate with each other. >>reporter: the word is the school in monroe, chalk hill, will be ready in january. >>shepard: thank you, molly
3:53 pm
line. >> i am waiting for this thing to happen on the screen, you know how it does that? but this is not working. >> careful if you are a fan of grapefruit. the lit of medications that interact if a dangerous way with grapefruit or the use is growing. rather, they are just figuring out that now they are figuring it out including kidney failure and that includes medicine for lowering cholesterol or birth control pills. and now, we have a doctor from university hospital of cleveland. i knew of this when not all that long ago i had to take...blood pressure medicine and they are, do not eat grapefruit with this. and now the list has grown. >>guest: there are 85 drugs on the list and over half can be associated with serious life threatening side effects.
3:54 pm
>>shepard: what happens is, it is not that the drugs do not get to you, but if man cases the effects of the drugs compound themselves? help us understand. >>guest: what happens is grapefruit activates an enzyme system that is responsible for breaking down the medicines in your body so the legals do not rise too high soen with you incorrect small amounts of grape truth juice you can get dangerously high levels of the drug causing the side effects if you took too much of the drug. >>shepard: should we avoid the juice in general? >>guest: no, i think grapefruit is a healthy alternative to soda. unfortunately, some people like it so much they drink too much of it. if you take a certain number of medication, especially medications on the list, you will be at higher risk for developing side effect. >>neil: why does it do this and not other citrus juices?
3:55 pm
>>guest: there are other citrus fruits that are associated with this, probably a good idea to avoid most citrus including lime, lemon and some oranges if you are taking some of the medicines on the list. if you are going to drink the beverages, just limit it to one or two a week. >>shepard: interesting. the list is on our website and if anyone is taking any of those, ask your doctor, the last thing you want is your medicine to harm you. thank you, doctor. >> if you plan to steal director christmas tree from a park in new jersey you may get a smelly surprise when you take it home. not a pine scent. no, not at all. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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3:59 pm
so they are making the trees smell like rotten eggs and fish. the mayor says he sprayed the evergreens with a chemical that makes them smell terrible when they react with a heated home. >> this juice is used in fertilizer and this is mixed with this, with two coats, and you get 5 foot of the tree you do not want it in your living room. >>shepard: and now the trees are not disappearing. and then there, a great deal from the people at ripley's, a spokesman says the company is offering free admission to all of the galleries on saturday december 22nd. but this is a catch, the offer is good only if the world ends on friday 21st. the spokesman says visiters who provide proof of the world end walk right in no charge. no doubt the bosses at ripley hope they get free publicity


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